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After the top and back are joined I typically further support the back by adding a cross grained center graft. Looking at the back I kept feeling there is something familiar to the look of this and it occurred to me what it was;

A little better than 30 years ago I lived in Asbury Park NJ. My son was just a baby and we were a new family starting out. We had a house on Sunset Lake. It was a great home built back in the 20s. In fact, Sears used to sell houses back then and this was the model;

The house was on the north side of Sunset Lake. Here is an old Asbury Park post card. Judging by the perspective it was the view right in front of our house;

In the late fall and early winter when the sun was low the sunlight would reflect off of Sunset Lake and make dazzling patterns all across the living room ceiling. The pattern in this wood is what brings back those memories.
With all that going on I just couldn't put a strip of plain white Sitka down the center of the back so I dug into the cutoffs from the top wood and got these pieces to use for the graft:

Here is the inside back shimmering in the light of my memories:

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