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Default Buffed and Unroughed

Originally Posted by Berf View Post
Hi OMO, that's another beautiful looking Tahoe you're getting. Thanks to you and Larry for taking the time to share all the progress photos and explanations. Cheers, berf

Originally Posted by Guitars44me
This should be a fine axe!

Appreciate all the pics and explanation!

Have fun and enjoy her...



Thanks for the compliments. You're quite welcome. Glad you're enjoying the thread.

Here's a few pics of the guitar with the finish buffed out and a related process.

The buffer

There's a nice mirror-like shine.

During the process of spraying the nitro, finish builds up in the tuner holes. In this sequence Larry cleans up a tuner hole prior to installing the tuner bushing.

ASIDE: I am really liking the look of the EIR headplate.

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