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Default Show Spec #2

I am pretty much finished doing the French polish on the Greta BRW spec guitar. The last sessions are done and I need to let it sit and harden before I can hand buff it;

While that hardens up I've done some of the other little jobs to finish up. I installed the strap buttons and started working on the wooly mammoth tusk bark that will be the nut, saddle, truss rod cover, and bridge pins.

These pieces of bark below will be the nut and saddle. I've already cut out the nut from the smaller pieces on the bottom. The big piece, up top is where I'll cut the saddle;

These bark pieces are partially fossilized so they are harder than regular Mammoth ivory which I think will be perfect for a cedar topped BRW guitar.
Here is a picture of the headstock coming together. It has live edged Oak burl as a faceplate and the nut and truss rod cover are roughed out. I'll finish shaping and polishing them after I cut the string slots;

I worked to keep one side of each piece in it's more natural texture.

Thanks for checking it out!
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