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Default 4TH Show Spec Ebony Penelope

This is the guitar I am emulating with my Black Ebony Penelope:

This was my ​Piña parlor model. I am using a Black Ebony set from the same wood billet. I am doing my next larger Penelope model this time and a few new features like the ebony and abalone back strip. While most of the purfling lines will be abalone, in places where I previously had maple lines I am switching up to this Holly I just got in:

The thing with Holly is it is whiter than maple and when the cut is orientated right you get a sparkle from it that you don't often see with maple. The whiter those little lines are the blacker that Gabon Ebony will look. It's a very subtle difference.
Other differences we'll see will be the elevated fretboard. This is a comfort feature I am adding as this is a full body guitar. I am also going with my pillow top sculpted headstock. It will have the Koa binding, and abalone purfling. The headplate will be black ebony. I've never done a black ebony sculpted headplate and am excited to see what it will look like with all those curves on a shiny jet black surface.
I went with a spalted Tamarind logo on this one;

Lot's more to come!
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