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I canít comment on the differences between tech spec of the iterations, but I have a 4 and have gigged with a borrowed 2, and also own an Alpha Plus from 2014, around the time of the 3.

For guitar, the units are indistinguishable to my ears. For vocals, the 4 is a little smoother and carries a touch less 6-10k sibilance, but you need your supersleuth ears on to detect the difference. All three units sound excellent. I feel the reverb is perhaps a hair more refined on the 4.

Pedals wise, yes they take pedals very well indeed. I use a Boss AD10 with an SD-1W, DM-2W (both Waza Craft editions) and a Mooer Tender Octaver Mk1 in the FX loop. I make extensive use of the boost, pre/EQ, compression and looper in the AD10 also, and the C60 and AP handle it all in their stride. They take pedals better than any other acoustic amp Iíve owned, and would recommend them for that purpose particularly.

I think you could confidently buy a 60/2 and be very happy. The quality and sheer pro-level functionality of AER products is remarkable. I say this as a recent AER convert with 23yrs and 3000+ gigs as a full-time working musician who has run through just about every FOH system and amp imaginable. Theyíre brilliant, trust me.

As for reliability, Iíve never heard or read of any AER gear breaking down-normally forums are full of tales of woe as they tend to be the places people come for advice in a crisis, but Iíve not come across any such tales relating to any iteration of C60, which strikes me as both highly unusual and quite a testament to their build quality. I know dozens of players who use them night after night, in and out of cars/vans/buses/planes/public transport, and Iíve never heard of one single incident of an AER failing. My Alpha Plus is 7yrs old and was gigged extensively by the PO for acoustic, electric jazz guitar, vocals and allsorts, and itís not only held up perfectly cosmetically, but also functions as new. Not a scratchy pot or crackly jack socket anywhere.
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