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Originally Posted by NU9 View Post
After receiving the micro drill bits, although they are able to function as mini files and deepen an existing slot in a piece of bone, I was not able to use them on the actual nut, because the mini vise holding them gets in the way, as it is pretty thick.
I ended up using feeler gauges with 600 grit sand paper (I made sure I used the proper gauge for each string, so that the gauge + the added thickness of the sand paper was spot on - I used a digital caliper for that). Very easy!!!
Turns out this is the easiest way of deepening/adjusting nut slots, without investing in expensive nut files.
You found your way to what I posted in the link above.

I don't go any finer than 220 as the process becomes too slow, and do the rough out work of first cutting the slot with a fine tooth hobby back saw.

After 45 years of cutting nut slots I've yet to purchase a specialty file for cutting slots. I do zero frets so often that I may not change my ways.
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