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the nut is 1 7/8" which is pretty common among pre 1930 gits...martin 1923/1927 018/29s 12 fretters. but not alot of consistency in that some companies like martin went to 1 3/4" in early 30s but again depends alot on particular git and whether it is 12 fretter or 14 fretter..but its all over the map the 1 7/8" nuts do reduce the tension somewhat it is said compared to 1 3/4 or 1 11/16 etc. but with most prewar gits there are many exceptions..some companies decreased nut width up until 50/60's then when wider again. as well, alot of gits that are 1 3/4 are confused and called 1 11/16...

yes im trying to learn how to record this git as well as a half dozen other gits that id like to share soundbites of.( hence why i spent alot of time posting in record section for advice...was just going to try using my samsung s20 propped up against lappy) but bought a eridol roland R-09HR from an old jazz player friend i have. so trying to play around with it first and decide on whether i need a separate mic..already downloaded a DAW program, but that in itself will take me a while to figure out. not as sharp with technology as i once used to be years ago. but yes out of all my acoustics, this thing projects and reverbs like nothing i have felt in 40 years playing

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