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Hi Jim:
XLR cannon plugs have long been considered the more professional connection.
XLR outputs normally will carry a signal of +4dBu
TRS signal will be considerably less at -2dBu line level
So the TRS equipped unit will need to work harder to produce the same signal level that the XLR unit will produce.
In conclusion, the XLR outputs should produce a quieter, more efficient signal.
All that being said. I read that you are waiting on adapters.
Adapters themselves can introduce noise and interference in the line.
Your monitors should be able to accept an XLR input. Which it the more professional way to connect.
So I would eliminate the adapter, and connect monitors directly with an XLR cable.
As to why the two different outputs on similar units?
That would be a question for Apollo
My guess would be, that the X16 was designed for a Pro studio situation, and the X8 for the home base recordings.
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