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Originally Posted by sdelsolray View Post
The back panel of the older unit looks crowded. A TRS jack takes less space than and XLR connection.
That could be it, although, it looks like a pair of TRS connectors could have sat under the word clock connectors, but perhaps this had a better aesthetic look. But as far as reasons go, this makes the most sense so far.

Originally Posted by j3ffr0 View Post
I have noticed a move in newer gear to TRS. 10 years ago or so it wasn't as much of a thing.
Those two units were released on the same day so there's no older or younger here. The X8p is UA's top interface that has preamps; the X16 is their top interface that has no preamps. They're only priced a couple of hundred apart at $3300 for the X8p and $3500 for the X16.
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