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If Blackbird is too small of a company to pay half the return postage for a defective product maybe they should consider not selling overseas.
They may be a small company but donít forget there is only one of me.
Regards to postage I was asking them to do the correct thing and pay ($110 USD one way) the cost to me then only being ($220 USD two ways) instead of $330 USD (three ways) overall for their product, factoring in the initial postage cost I payed when I bought the Uke.
In regards (fully refunding an instrument after 4 years is absolutely unheard of) this instrument is advertised as lasting for longer than 4 years...? Perhaps you think companies should be allowed to falsely advertise products and get away with that?
The point I was trying to make was that IF I had decided to pay all the replacement postage costs HOW can I be confident the defect wonít happen again? Blackbird is obviously not confident themselves or else they would have a good returns policy. Ekoa DOES get affected by humidity, or at least the thin front face of it, unless itís just string stress that did it, but then there doesnít seem to be any other reports of this by other customers of string stress related warping. I think if you own one it may just take longer to happen as you probably live in a drier place then me, depending if you have the extra bracing underneath the front face or not. If you live in a stable environment it may never happen. I guess Ekoa is made of more natural stuff than carbon fibre. Basically itís just some sort of plywood.
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