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Originally Posted by kydave View Post
The 1971 Martin D-28, which I bought new in 1971 as a 20 year old working musician, selling all my electric gear to get it.

I have a very long story written about it, which I won't bother posting here, but it has supported me both financially, emotionally, aesthetically... It has dissappeared & returned twice - once innocently mixed in with another band's gear, once stolen. It has been with me writing and recording songs, performing them, enjoying them and sharing it and them with other people.

At times it has been my only musical instrument period. At other times it has been the yardstick with which many other guitars in the house are measured against, when buying and when keeping.

It still is often grabbed, both in the house and taken to jams and gigs...

It is my friend who has outlasted many now-gone musician friends, more than a few family members, tons of other guitars.

For 41 years now we have been virtually inseparable.

Yeah, I'm attached to it...

How did she come back after the theft?

Im just getting started at 45yrs old and I hope to one day have that feeling about a guitar. Just knowing that anytime I pick her up she'll play beautifully.
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