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These threads pop up every now and then but I never get tired of giving some props to my favorite guitar (not the best sounding) but I just cherish my 1966 Epiphone Cortez. This is the first guitar I ever purchased with my own money (I was seventeen at the time and I am now 63.) This guitar has been with me,comforted me and brought me joy through my entire adult life, I took it to war with me, I played it when I got married, I played it when all of my children were born, I played it when relatives and close friends have passed away, I played it at my daughter's wedding and I still play it everyday. As I said, this is not the best sounding guitar I own but it is by far the easist guitar I own, to play (probably because I have played it practically everyday for the past 46 years.) I am somehow comforted everytime I pick it up and play it and it is my most cherished possession. If the house was on fire, I'd be headed in to get "Little Queenie" (and I hope everybody else makes it out OK!)
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