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Default How Attached Are You To Your Guitar?

Around these parts, lines like "it's THE one" and "I'll never let this one go" get tossed around a lot- only to have those same lines in the eventual/inevitable classified ad. (That goes for me, too!)

I recently struck up a deal to trade my main guitar (a Collings dread) for a guitar that I was absolutely certain I wanted and just had to have. And yet, when I tried to pull the final trigger, I found that I couldn't do it. For better or for worse, my guitar is mine. I know her, she knows me and I just know that there is more music in there for me. We've given each other bumps and bruises and have played many a gig together, too. It's a marriage at this point and divorce just isn't an option.

So- what's your longest lasting guitar? Why are you so attached to it? Sentimentality and history? Sound? Playability? Tell your story!
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