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Originally Posted by ross748 View Post
Very nicely done Mark!
Thanks ross748!

Originally Posted by ukejon View Post
Pina sounds great...such a substantial and complex voice.
Thanks ukejon,

I've been experimented with a bracing pattern for the parlor sized guitar and have been happy with the results. I'm thinking I may move this up to the next larger Penelope model on my next spec guitar build.

Originally Posted by Steve Kinnaird View Post
Very pretty, Mark, and the Padauk is to die for.
But hold on a minute--we didn't see the top bracing completed.
Got a pic of that?

Thanks Steve!

I was fortunate to come across these two figured "bacon" Padauk sets. Padauk is generally a fine sounding tonewood but, the typically solid brick red Padauk is such a mess to work with as the sawdust is like powdered red dye! This "bacon" sawdust is a nice flesh tone so you don't see it so much.

I didn't catch a picture of the finished top bracing. I do have a pic of the second round of braces going on though:

Meanwhile, I've been getting the neck together. This is local Sugar Maple (Hard Maple) with a black bordered cross grained African Padauk center strip;

Thanks for commenting!
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