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Default Show Spec second round ​Piña

My ideas are coming together for spec guitars to replace the show specs that have sold. With spec guitars I like to use wood sets that I have more of in case someone says they want one that looks like that but, in a different model or modification of the same.

I am going to start a replacement for my ​Piña on May first. Here is my plan;
I have a couple sets of this beautiful bacon figured Padauk and have been wanting to build with it because it has such a promising tap tone;

So here goes. Here is the back set;

With master grade Swiss Moon Spruce;

Black Ebony trim and fretboard, black Schertler tuners for open headstock, flamed Hard Maple neck, and gold MOP;

I'm not sure where or exactly how but this gold MOP has got to go in here somewhere. Look at all that iridescent green in there against that red;

I'm working on ideas to replace the Greta and will have those up soon!

Thanks for checking this out,
Mark Hatcher

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