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Another Staying At Home music video. Joan (my wife) is my new Content Manager... this morning, she showed me a video that was a remake of this Tears for Fears song Mad World. So today, I learned the song, recorded six music tracks, and shot a single view video. I showed it to the CM, and she said, "Needs more cowbell." Yes, I'm kidding. She suggested that I should shoot some more video and show different angles. So, we compromised and I shot more video and showed different angles. My choice to go with the contrasty lighting. I said to Joan, "Do you remember that black sweater I had for one of the captain jobs about 10 years ago?" (I haven't seen it since then.) It took her about 4 seconds to pull it out. It was gray and blustery outside again today, but certainly not "sweater weather"... yes, I am willing to sweat for my art.
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