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Yeah, Bob. . . I know this is your 2nd Blanchard. . . remember, I'm the one who had to ship a ton of tops to him back then. HA!

Feel free to click into that FB link and read my final post on #2. It's fun to see how people are responding to it. Another multi-Blanchard client has even posted up shots of his OldSkool Braz Bristlecone.

I dig it!

I'm really looking forward to hearing how you like #2. I hope you love it as much as my FB friends do. They can't seem to get enough!

La Conner will be back in 2022. I hope lots of guys get out here to connect with the small shop builders. It's been a long time. Everybody needs to be surrounded by magnificent hand built guitars right now and that's a top notch show.

Keep the magic alive, Bob.
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