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Default Update - Not Recommended - Avoid.

Conclusion: Don't avoid Enya, but be aware of the potential frustrations impacting playability, support and service life. As long as it remains set up and working, The Enya EA-X4 is a fairly good kick-about acoustic-electric guitar and the built-in effects are okay. The reason one should buy it is for a comparatively inexpensive, entry-level carbon fiber guitar for use in extremely dry or humid environments. For the price, my jury remains out on the bang for the buck. I do not feel this guitar will follow any serious player into their memorable archives. Beware of setup: The customer must be prepared to check everything, including action and tighten parts and joints upon receipt. The scale length is 66cm (25.98"), and bears rechecking when adjusting action and tightening the neck bolts. Forum members report that on receipt the action is set too high, but this could also indicate loose neck bolts. 30-day return policy doesn't allow a lot of time to evaluate guitar through experience. The preamp design and placement are dumb in relation to the 18650 battery. Also, while Enya supplies a USB-1/4" jack cable that charges the battery, out of the box, one cannot charge and play (with effects) at the same time. There may be a splitter cable option out there for such purposes. Enya is one of what I would describe as the three Chinese 'wizz-bang' carbon fiber, campfire, just-this-side-of-toy-guitars, along with Lava and Klos. The toy reference is mainly in the companies' fire-and-forget sales and support structure, with a lot of multi-media advert bling, but none having much post-sale support. Ultimately, I'll probably climb the mountain to a Rainsong, McPherson or Emerald.
Enya Music has not listed any of their CF Guitars (X3, X3C or EA-X4) as 'in stock' on their web site since at least November 2020. Beginning December, 2020, setup and QC issues with the EA-X4 I purchased resulted in Enya representatives telling me that they were going to halt production of (at least) the EA-X4, pending working out QC issues and producing credible documentation to go along with the instrument.

In the meantime, HPL does appear to continue distribution of their HPL guitar line, calling them among the "finest musical instruments," which confounds their [lack of] popularity in the market. It appears as well that Enya is focusing more on ukulele production.

This company is definitely in the 'buyer beware' category in my opinion, unless you're looking for a uke, and there is a vast and credible field of KNOWN uke manufacturers for enthusiasts to check out ... just sayin'.
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