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Originally Posted by J-Doug View Post
Hi guys,

Any opinions on recording into a treated corner in a 12'-6" X 11'-4" bedroom? I would place three of these in a lazy U in one corner of the room: I would place two SDC mics in the lazy U and record close miced facing into the corner. The remainder of the room would be untreated (full room treatment is not going to happen). The room would have some furniture.

Is this a pointless idea?
I record in a 9’ x 9’ room with hard wood floors but with a rug over the area where I record. I bought a freestanding hinged and foldable Gobo consisting of two 30” x 72” panels. I set the Gobo up as a shallow V and setup my mics within in the shallow V. I have a bare wall about 4’ behind me. This set up seems to work really well for what is admittedly a sub-optimal environment.

Here’s the latest recording I did with it and IMO it’s not bad considering what I have to work with.

Doerr Trinity 00 (Lutz/Maple)
Edwinson Zephyr 13 Fret 00 (Adi/Coco)
Emerald X-20 (all carbon fiber)
Eastman 810CE (Spruce/Maple archtop)
Froggy Bottom H-12 (Adi/EIR)
Rainsong APSE (all carbon fiber)
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