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Originally Posted by AndreF View Post
Congrats! Cool looking guitar. And a relatively shorter scale too. Specs hint at a new hybrid kind of guitar, i.e. more classical than a conventional crossover, but differing from a true classical. Seems well suited for your style of play.
Thanks. Yeah, I think it'll be perfect for the cover of Amy Winehouse' "Valerie" that my daughter wants me to record guitar tracks, so she can record singing to it. She's entering a singing contest in the SLC area. When I want the snappier, more brash flamenco sound, I'll stick with my Cordoba GK Pro. But for the jazzier stuff, I think the Eastman will work better. That's what John Bascarino had in mind when he designed his Cabaret, which this is a clone of, sanctioned by, and even distributed by JB himself. Considering the design pedigree and relative rarity of this guitar (whether in Eastman or JB version), I'm feeling very fortunate to have secured this guitar... and like my trusty GK Pro has, I think this guitar will be sticking around. I haven't even plugged it in yet, so I need to find how this passive pickup sounds.
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