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Default NGD: Eastman Caberet JB...

Been eye-balling this guitar at Music Villa in Bozeman, Montana for a while now. Paul, Blaise and the guys at MV are always a pleasure to deal with. Had played it a few times and really wanted it, but just had other priorities for my $$$. I took in a nice boutique tube amp that I haven't been using that traded it towards this guitar this morning. Loving it so far! A very lively, pleasant, sweet tone. The guitar feels lightly built and responsive ala the many Cordoba nylons that I've owned. What's really cool about this guitar is the arched back and the oval sound holes in the top and the upper bout. The hardshell case is this felt type of covering that I've never seen on a guitar case before. It's very classsy!

Fit and finish look to be pretty flawless. I also played a Cordoba Master Series Frederich as well (and seriously considered bringing it home). It was very responsive and full sounding, but with that chunky neck it was obviously designed for classical pieces and I really don't play classical any more. But for the more latin-flavored stuff that I do, as well as jazz type stuff... it would be hard to beat this Eastman. I'll have more impressions about it as I spend more time with it. The action is very comfortable, but I tend to shave my saddles to get them down to snappy, low flamenco levels instead of the cleaner, fuller classical tones. Since this guitar has a maple body and spruce top and seems lightly built, I should be able to get some responsive flamenco tones out of it as I do with my Cordobas.

"Eastman Caberet JB

Traditional style for the modern player. A must have for the fingerstyle and jazz players, the Cabaret is a seamless blend of traditional nylon and acoustic archtop that honors the deepest roots of craftsmanship.

Back & Side Wood: Figured Maple
Body Size: Cabaret
Top Wood: Solid Sitka Spruce
Nut Width: 1 15/16"
Neck Shape: Narrow Classical
Scale Length: 647mm
Pickup: LR Baggs
Tuners: Schaller Grand Tune
Case: Hardshell"

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