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I'll add my $0.02 story.

My ex-wife and I were together for 19 years and she wanted a different life, a career change where she was on the road for work almost all the time. She decided the only fair thing was to leave, instead of working through it together, so we got an annulment. We're still vaguely friends. No kids and live hours away from each other so it's just the occasional text message.

Anyway, I found out later that she regretted that decision but I had moved on with life. So she remarried. The first time we talked about her husband, her description included such glowing phrases as "He has great health insurance" and "His house is paid off because it's the one he grew up in." I think she's still on the road a vast majority of the time so I'm fairly confident it's a marriage of convenience but hey... not my circus, not my monkeys....
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