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Originally Posted by ghostnote View Post
So many blinded-by-love guys I've known just get married for all the wrong reasons - I'm sure we've all seen that. I have shaken many hands and said "congratulations" to a lot of guys I knew when my actual thoughts were "he must be crazy". Sometimes everyone in the room knows that two people are wrong for each other except the actual two people.
My best man was one of my closest friends. When my marriage crumbled (she had breast cancer and fell in love with her oncologist and left, offering to date me occasionally...I declined), he said that he (my best man) thought it would end badly, he did not like her and thought she was...oh, never mind. I said, why did you not say something?

He laughed and said that I was in love and would never have listened to him. I had to agree. I would not have.
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