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Originally Posted by rmp View Post
wow.. quite the story (and very well written.. I do appreciate a well written story! hey, who don't!)

aside from cats being microwaved.... what ever happened with the divorce?

My brother in-law has been going thru a nasty one for going on three years this summer. His soon to be ex is clearly next of kin Satan's daughter. Full of hate, and as unstable as a bucket of nitro.

That whole attorney racking up billable hours is just exactly the kind of schmuck she hired.
That fits the MO with my BIL as well. His ex gaslighted him to the point of insanity so she threw in a PFA for good measure. He had to move out of state. After two years of back and forth his ex wife got the house and kids, he got to keep his car and pay child support without any visitation.

He's moved on and lives someplace sunny near the beach with a sweet woman his own age and his oldest daughter (who the ex poisoned against him) just turned 18. I am so happy for the guy.
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