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Dear 'Aspiring':

Right now I'd say if you have no problems with intonation and consistency with your Journey, stick with it! Ultimately, I'll probably nail the bugs out of the Enya EA-X4, but I just finished a virtual open mic where the instrument's performance just sort o' 'melted down' as I played it. It seems there requires some precision balance between the action (set to specs), the scale length (effected by the neck position) and maybe the strings (I am experimenting with Elixir 16502 cust lights). None of my other guitars present the frustrations of this Enya.

Originally Posted by Aspiring View Post
I'm curious how this one would compare to the Journey RT660 I recently picked up. I paid just a touch more for a bstock model so they are close in price range potentially

It also had some setup / qc things I had to work through. including a nut that didn't have the mounting slot in the neck cut properly and which has broken free of its glue. Although it is also bstock.

I really quite like the playability and tone on the rt660 now though. It is very warm and seems a lot deeper and more normal guitar like than the OF660 I played a year or two ago.

The only thing that could be better is the overall volume / projection. It's a bit on the quiet side.

Their customer support in the us was quite good as well.

I will put up a separate review thread on that one.
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