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You sound eerily like me! I originally thought I was going to pick up classical as a side practice to my other guitars... but like you my steel string as been on its wall hanger since I bought my CG. I am totally and completely captivated by this instrument.

The variety of tone production is amazing, as well as how absolutely awful you can make it sound if you have bad right hand technique

This practice has gotten me off of strumming on the couch and into a serious practice regimen that I am thoroughly enjoying. I am discovering new music that I never new existed.

I seriously wonder if I will ever play steel string again at this point. If I do it will likely be just with a pick so I dont destroy my nails on the strings.

I wish I could have told my 15 year old self that classical guitar was cool so I had learned that first, then maybe I wouldnt be struggling now at 30!

Good luck to you.
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