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Default The transition to update

Hi all

So I am about a month in to this journey and have been surprised by some of the experiences, so I thought I would share..

1. I have not picked up another guitar in this time, and it doesn't look like I will for a little while yet - classical has captivated me and challenged me at the same time. I have loved the tone, the music and the commitment this instrument demands. You don't dabble in classical...

2. It's much harder than I anticipated to make good sounds - everything I was aware of and tried to do when possible on steel string is a must do on classical. For example, string squeak avoidance and quality of my nails are both massive factors when I play classical.

3. The focus and intensity of the playing are very demanding - the precision and economy of movement are just so much more important.

4. Right hand - my right hand has always been fairly good when playing finger style. I don't have to think about it much and instead focus on learning the fingering. Playing classical my right hand is probably a bigger focus than my left - rest strokes, alternate finger use are just two things that I am having to really work to achieve.

5. Strings - I thought that the world of steel strings was fairly complex, but oh how wrong I was! Classical strings are not only available in multiple tensions and materials but it is common to play one set of bass strings and another of trebles. I am having to re-learn from scratch what I thought I knew as all the materials are different (Silver wraps, fluorocarbon trebles etc) They are also more expensive - the set I have liked the most so far are 17/set..

Oh, and then there is changing them and settling them - I have changed hundreds and hundreds of steel sets but learning how to string nylon is a complete change. Then - they take much much longer to settle in to tune - several days!

Overall, I have to admit to being totally immersed and loving every moment - the variety of new pieces open to me, both classical and modern, is huge. I love the tone and I love the feel of it all.

I do also feel that my steel string playing will benefit in a big way (when/if I get back to it!)

Thanks all for the help and support so far.

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