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Thanks for the replies everyone! I could certainly do with more singing in the sunshine!

I took Roccorobb's advice and they were absolutely correct. The instrument responds loud and clear on the 2 notes giving me the most boom - G and Ab. I might have overstated saying it was 4 notes (so possibly that doesn't rule out a wolf note?).

I've checked and found something similar on my other guitars - just not to the same extent. I guess it is just a resonant peak that falls in an inconvenient place. In my attempts to record the instrument it has been a real pain - not balanced.

For an 000 28 owners out there - Have you experienced anything similar?

I'm curious as to whether something like this is consistent across specific models. Is there any predictability with this sort of thing? Does the resonant area move around or is it fixed as a result of the build specs? Of the few 000s I've tried, they all more or less have the same issue. Maybe it's just less noticeable on a larger guitar where it falls on the lowest notes.
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