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Originally Posted by Shane Lester View Post
Hi there,

I'm hoping to put a question out to any Martin 000/OM owners out there.

I've been on the guitar hunt lately and for obvious reasons I haven't been able to try a whole lot of guitars. I have, however, gotten the opportunity to play several Martin and Eastman guitars. I'm looking for a smaller bodied guitar but I have previously only ever played dreadnoughts and I'm noticing something with the 000/OM body shape.

It seems to me that, to differing degrees, a lot of these sized guitars have a fairly boomy A string compared to the low E. This is especially obvious when playing bass notes on these strings with thumb (no nails). I play with the guitar tuned down a full step and I can feel it really thump on the A string (tuned to G) from the open string to the 3rd fret, in comparison with a drop-off in energy on the low E string on these frets. The low E does have a similar boom when I get up the fretboard to the equivalent notes. It was really noticeable on an otherwise beautiful 000 28.

Is this just a consequence of the body size/shape? I've read similar posts describing wolf notes and sympathetic resonances but I'm not sure if that adds up given how it affects multiple notes. I'm mainly wondering if this is something I should just accept on a guitar this size (I noticed it on several models) or if it's exemplary of a bad/weak model. Can I expect to find a Martin 000 28 with as much power on the lower bass notes?

Thanks for the help!
Over the years Iíve noticed many guitars (of different sizes) have a relatively more resonant A string than the E string. I notice it mostly when the open E and A are played. Iím a fingerpicker, it may not be as noticeable when using a flat pick.
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