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Originally Posted by Stevien View Post
Originally Posted by Roccorobb:
"Stick your face in the sunshine and sing."

Words to live by, right there.

..... and the only part of his post I understood. To original poster; most likely you're used to the low E string really booming. Dreds will always have much more boom in the low end than an OM or 000. Nature of the beast. If you're used to a dread & switch to an OM or 000, it will seem like something is missing, until you get used to it. Mid sized guitars are more balanced across the range, where dreds are ground shakers.
Wow! My original post really got garbled. It ought to have said, "you will find that the body has a resonant peak somewhere around a low F#." That is to say, if you stick your face in the sound hole and start singing at the same pitch as your low a string, and slowly lower the pitch, at some point you will find the whole body of the guitar resonating. That resonant peak has a lot to do with how your guitar reflects low end energy. In my limited experience, a guitar with a resonant peak at a lower frequency will be perceived to have more low end energy.

Still clear as mud?
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