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I play primarily OMs/000-14 and 000-12 guitars. I donít think I understand what you are implying. Youíre saying that the A string is boomy but the E isnít?

The scale length is the same and the string diameter/weight is obviously larger on the Bass E therefore the tone must be louder on the E than the A. The only thing I can think is that if you are a dread player then you may be accustomed to hearing a very bass heavy guitar so that when you hear a more balance guitar, you are hearing a lack of bass.

The short scale 00 is generally considered the most even and balanced guitar but obviously different models, and manufacturers will all vary some. The next bass heavy will be the 000-14 (short scale, 000 body), then the OM (000 body, 14 fret, long scale), followed by the 000-12 (enlongated body, long scale, 12 fret body), the 0000/M/J sizes in long scale with 16Ē lower bouts and long scale but skinny waists, and then the dreadnaught. So going from a dreadnaught to an 000-14 is a big drop in bass compared to the midrange.
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