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Originally Posted by JonPR View Post
As a fellow hair-splitter, I agree!
Well, I don’t consider myself a hair-splitter. I like learning about the guitar and its history, but I don’t care much for bickering.
Originally Posted by JonPR View Post
...he had a particularly idiosyncratic technique, using just the index finger.
Are you saying that was unusual at the time and unique to him?
Originally Posted by JonPR View Post
How else would you describe classical guitar technique?
I would call it classical guitar technique. I didn’t say anything about it because it has nothing to do with what’s being discussed.
Originally Posted by JonPR View Post
Secondly, the non-classical technique is at least 100 years old, in American blues and folk music. It may have developed in the late 19th century, and certainly existed once recordings began.
Yes, but, on those old recordings, they played with just the thumb and a finger or two. Are there many (any?) from the first half of the 20th century in which the guitarist plays with more than that?

I use all five fingers (little finger only for strumming). The finger I use the most is the thumb and, after that, the index or the middle.
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