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Originally Posted by paulzoom View Post
For a while it was my thumb and forefinger but lately I’ve been finding it easier to use the middle finger because it’s longer and easier to reach. Does anyone else do that?
I've always done that, from the beginning. I was self-taught, learning from records (in the 60s), not from seeing anyone do it (let alone lessons), and I found my middle finger reached the strings better. That's because I was (mostly) using the "folk-blues" hand position, resting my wrist on the bridge or near it.
When I need another finger I use my ring. My index only enters the picture when I need a third finger.

I've never rested any fingers on the scratchplate, btw. Some people who use index and middle rest their pinky (or pinky and ring), but I find that very awkward and inhibiting.

I also play quite a lot of classical guitar, with my hand in a more "correct" position for that style - so my index reaches the strings more easily then - but by the time I started playing that way I was already in the "middle + ring" habit.

You can see my right hand style here:
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