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Smile Kraut 00

Valliant75, colins, cigarfan, Kenny B, Hanter, Nemoman, louis lasky, Ukulele Eddie, Diamondave, and Guitars44me, thanks for taking time to post such lovely comments. It means a lot to me. This guitar certainly is a great way for me to welcome the new year!

Colin, I tried to take close up shots of the bridge because Ray's pinless bridge design is one of the things that drew me to his guitars a decade ago. However, Ray oiled the bridge before giving me the guitar and it is still very dark. My photos make the bridge look black, which it is not. It is from the same piece of Brazilian rosewood as the fingerboard. Here are a couple of bridge photos that Ray took after he was finished carving, filing and sanding the bridge for this guitar.

The ball end of the strings sit inside the holes at the end of the bridge and are not visible when the guitar is strung, which is pretty cool. Ray also designed his pinless bridge to have exactly the same break angle as his pinned bridge. His pinless bridge is much more complicated and time consuming to make than than his pinned one. I prefer pinless bridges for aesthetic reasons mainly, and all of my acoustic guitars have them.

Thanks everyone for following along with this build thread. The build threads on AGF are a great source of enjoyment for me, and hopefully others have enjoyed this one.
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