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Be aware that it's probably impossible to make pairs of guitars that sound exactly alike, even when you use wood that was sister cut from the same planks. A good luthier will get a similar sound, even with different woods, so it's really hard to say in a case like this how much of whatever difference there is comes from the wood species, and how much of it is simply the normal variation between tops.

In the wood I've tested the main difference between WRC and redwood has been in the density, with all of the follow-ons from that in terms of surface hardness and stiffness along the grain. Both have notably low and similar damping, unlike any of the spruces I've tested, but it's hard to say what effect, if any, that has on the sound.

These sorts of experiments are fun at this level, but it's hard to draw wider conclusions from them beyond the two instruments involved.
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