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Default The Urlacher Experiment (Redwood vs. Cedar)

After being extremely impressed with the Cedar/Indian Rosewood Concert Cutaway that Dustin Furlow brought over months back I decided to have a chat with Rebecca which led to commissioning a Concert Cutaway exactly like Dustin's but with a Redwood top so we could accurately compare the nuances between the woods. (What good is bewilderment and speculation if you can't have a little fun in the process, right?)

This build is being spec'd exactly like Dustin's with the only exceptions being the soundboard material and headstock veneer, so it will likely be as close and fair of a comparison-demo recording as possible. Same mics, same strings, same back and sides, same scale length, both have soundports, and of course - same player! We will be posting a video upon it's delivery and the Redwood model will be available for sale shortly thereafter. (if I don't keep it for myself!)

At the time of this posting the guitar is at Vancouver Guitar Finishing, where it will soon head back to Oregon for final stages.

Rebecca's work flew under my radar for quite some time but I was very impressed with the tone, neck feel, fretwork, and finish of her guitar she made for Dustin. I also was made aware that she attended the last available Ervin Somogyi voicing class, which obviously improved her knowledge of sculpting the best tone possible out of a guitar. I am excited to hear this guitar and I hope you enjoy the photos!

Be safe and well.

Delicious looking Redwood.

Very nice old-growth Indian.

Box closed with flamed Koa bindings.

Asymmetrical headstock veneer made with Eucalyptus, Koa, Ebony and Walnut.

Rosette with the repeated theme.

Ready for finish.

Floating backstop with the head/rosette theme, beautiful cutaway inlay as well.

Dustin's demo of the Cedar build.

Another demo with DPA 4011c and 4015a microphones here at Cedar Rock.

Some DADGAD flavorings.

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