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Smile Up from page two....

I expect we will hear more from Maestro John about this beauty very soon!

In the meantime, here is the new expanded "Pablo Package." Thanks John!!!!

The John Kinnaird/Paul "Pablo Package" continues to evolve and now includes:

1 25/32" Nut and 2.25" string spacing
Gotoh 510 MINI tuners with 18:1 ratio and wood buttons
Jescar hard Gold color frets. (Normal for John's guitars)
Large Back, Arm and, Small Cutaway bevels
Chamfered, bull nosed body edges all around
Bound sound port, and bound sound hole
12 fret and Venetian (rounded) cutaway
Slightly back angled wide Saddle and angled bridge pins.
Double sides with lightest weight inner sides. I ask for Spanish Cedar which is super light and smells good too.
elevated floating Fretboard and
Carbon Fiber struts from neckblock to waist to free up the top.
asymmetrical super slim carve neck with a Hollow CF D-Tube and NO truss rod. The D Tube is lighter than the wood it replaces.
Mostly Spanish Cedar neck for lightest weight
Rolled Fretboard edges for comfort
Fretboard side markers extend to top of Binding so visible for lap slide.
Slot diamonds at traditional frets. 3, 5, 7X2, 9, 12X3, 15, 17.
Manzer Wedge. 3/4"
All linings and laminated neck/end blocks are mostly SC for lightest weight
New, adjustable neck feature

John's new adjustable neck feature! Which is the most elegant I have seen. EASILY adjusted from outside the guitar without having to remove the strings. It allows for seasonal adjustments or string Gauge changes. And eliminates the need for a neck set down the line in the future.

Gotoh 510 MINI 18:1 tuners with full size wood or plastic buttons. Save a bunch more weight off the top of the headstock.

Many of these features are for player comfort. MINE!!! The rest are for Tone, Volume, and longevity.

The floating Fretboard is elevated above the top like a violin family instrument or an archtop guitar. Which allows the entire top to move freely to make music, and eliminates the top from structural duties allowing lighter bracing and more movement.

The Carbon Fiber D tube replaces a normal truss rod. It should be plenty rigid to keep the neck from moving much under string tension. Especially with all John's bookmatched laminations and Carbon Fiber reinforcement.
And it saves considerable WEIGHT in the neck. Plus it can NOT be adjusted incorrectly by an incompetent Tech. (Or me, either!)

Any extra weight makes extended play difficult for me.
So I always ask John for the lightest build that will not explode on stage
So, mostly Spanish Cedar for the neck, which will feature John's multiple laminations and Duck tail Volute for strength as well as good looks.

John's 12 fret cutaways have about 13 1/2 frets worth of access due to the low profile neck heel. That is a big plus for performance.

Most of these features were John's suggestions over the last 4 builds. The rest I asked for to make my unamplified senior/health care and restaurant gigs easier.

I am hoping at least some of the gigs come back eventually! Though Covid 19 has already decimated my elderly fan club considerably. Very SAD.

Stay vigilant, stay masked, or stay home, and DO stay healthy!

3 beloved John Kinnaird Customs. (I owned 6)
R.T 2c 12 fret Custom
2016 552ce 12X12
R.Wilson Weissy
A few choice 90s Taylors
budget electrics, and reso
Still Too many, but

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