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On the other side of things you could install
a sunrise , a baggs m80, blackangel or some
other high quality soundhole pickup.
These are easily removed when you buy a different
guitar,( and you will) also you can leave the kk installed
and either wire it as a dual source or for when you
want to use it . the baggs m80 i use in my custom
shop taylor sounds good no matter what i plug
it into. I use it at open mics and when i sit in with
folks. it requires very little fussing. I am done with
sbt piezo pups. For the most part they require too much
outboard gear and are inconsistant. When you have to
turn it up they fail miserably. The few times you get them
dialed in just right they sound sweet. Then you spend
the next dozen times trying to chase that elusive
tone. Most of the posts you read hear are about
how to tame a kk or other sbt piezo pup. All the gizmos
and eq required to get "the sound" only to be disapointed.
Soundhole pups have come a long way since
lawrence had that little spring steel pup
30 yrs ago. Some like the m80 dont have that "magnetic sound"
and will reproduce percussive taps and the like.
Really worth checking out. Since i came over from the piezo
" dark side" .. Ive spent less time worrying about my tone
and more time worrying about my playing.
Only thing is most dont have onboard eq like you wanted.
but i find i usually plug into di and tweak a few knobs
on the board and im done for the night.
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