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Default k&k must go

i've got k&k minis in my martin d-18 and 0m28. i recently purchased a new taylor 714 ce with the v bracing and es2 system and i love it!. plug and play at church with very little eq. also playing out through an aer60/3 lined out to a 10 inch qsc speaker. i run through a redeye twin so i can be set up with two guitars.

problem is the k&ks with the martins. too much variance in eq'ing as opposed to the simplicity of the 714ce. i really like the volume and tone controls on the taylor. what pickup do you recommend for the martins? price isn't really an issue. i just want usable guitars on stage with no feedback and some eq tone contol. i know there is a solution just don't know what it is.

please don't tell me the k&ks can't be removed as my luthier has already done this on other guitars and told me no problem.
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