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Default Flashback to 1971...

My first acoustic group (I had given up electric over a year before in the interest of hearing preservation, didn't pick it up other than home practice for the next fifteen years), my first college girlfriend, and some rather enlightening on-campus experiences inside and outside the classroom (which Forum rules prevent me from discussing here), that would henceforth and irrevocably shape my worldview...

Truth be told I didn't like most of the electric music (still don't) - listened to pre-disco R&B/soul and horn bands (Chicago/BS&T), picked up on singer/songwriters (Gordon Lightfoot, Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond, etc.) and acoustic vocal-harmony groups (CSNY, America, etc.), took some music majors' courses in harmony/ear training (proved valuable when I did freelance arranging a decade later), got my first exposure to "serious" music circles (for better or worse), also the year I rediscovered 48th Street "Music Row"...

Then there was the '64 Pontiac Star Chief 4-door - 389 under the hood, total sleeper inside and out, ran like a bat out of Hades (unbeknownst to me the previous owner had done some creative under-hood work, found out first time I mashed the gas ) - and this '64 fuelie 'Vette I caught on Flatbush Avenue at 2AM in my first (and only) street race, but that's another story...
"Mistaking silence for weakness and contempt for fear is the final, fatal error of a fool"
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