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I am a sound fingerstyle chaser !
Intermediate level...

I have a dozen orchestra stell guitars,
a steel resonator... and three nylons !

Some of my jewels are :
- Steel orcherstra
Martin OOO-18 (2014; Spruce/Mahogany)
Taylor 322 ((Mahogany/Blackwood)
Martin OODB Jeff Tweedy (all Mahogany)
Gibson L-00 TV
Seagull Performer (Spruce/Maple)

- Nylons
Ramirez R-4 and Aria AC-80 (Red Cedar/Rosewood)
La patrie Concert (Cedar/Mahogany)

Yeah ! I do alternate sounds so I never get bored with playing guitar !
P.S. Sure stell strings type may alter sound...
Needed some nylons, a wide range of acoustics and some weirdos to be happy...
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