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Default Sunday 1/10/21 Howard Emerson on Steve Martin's Unreal Bluegrass!

Hello all,
No, not THAT Steve Martin, although HE has been on THIS Steve Martin's radio show several times. They're both banjo players. In any case......

Steve's show, Unreal Bluegrass is just that: Unreal, and definitely not relegated to strictly bluegrass. It's 3 hours of high quality music and interviews. Each week there is a featured artist who is interviewed in the 2nd hour, during which 3 tracks are played and discussed.

Steve interviewed me on Tuesday afternoon from his home in Erlanger, Kentucky, and coerced me into talking about all manner of things. Tracks from my new CD, The Rhytalin Kid will air, including the title track, Number Three (my Ben Harper cover) and Loki's Lament.

The program airs on the internet 6 times a week, starting Sunday. Pick your time zone for what day is best. The interview is then archived for future access.

Here's the link to the SMUB show, as he refers to it!

I hope you get a chance to listen in!

Best regards,
Howard Emerson
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