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Originally Posted by dc. View Post
Which size of transducer did you choose for your Eastman archtop, the 15 mm or 20 mm?
20 mm. I use the smaller sized 15 mm in smaller instruments - fiddle and mandolins mostly as there isn't much room in there with tone bars, bass bars, braces, etc. I really haven't noticed a difference in volume or tone between the two sizes.

I install the heads on the underside of the soundboard just under the point where the bridge feet make contact. I've had very good tone using blue tack putty vs superglue in most instruments. It forms to the curved soundboard better, is removable, and lasts (some of mine have been mounted this way over 10 years). Again, I don't hear much difference attributable to the mounting method between superglue vs putty. There are so many other things that could account for a different tone between one instrument and another.
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