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Originally Posted by Treenewt View Post

Thanks for sharing the various stages of this build so far. I really enjoy getting to see the jigs/fixtures/problem-solving in addition to the guitars themselves! Beautiful wood, and beautiful work!
Thanks! The problem solving aspect of guitar building is one of the big draws for me that keeps things interesting over the years and I'm happy to share my process.

Just a quick update with the (basically) completed rosette. It was quite challenging trying to thickness and shape the stone pieces without really having any of the proper tooling to do so but I got it done! For the inlaid sections, the upper left is crushed coal, the next three are various stones (not sure of the types but all gathered from Lake Huron I believe), and the final section is some honeysuckle burl. The stone is set about 1/2 mm below the surface and will be topped off with some resin before final sanding hopefully leaving a very thin layer between stone and finish...

I should have the top braced this weekend and an official box by early next week!
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