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Lots of laminating, bending, and standing at my bench scratching my head this week making sure I've got all the details of the cutaway worked out. In addition to the usual trickiness of making the cutaway flush to the (tapered) heel, this guitar will also have an elevated neck so I have to be extra careful that the angles will all line up to hit the correct fingerboard width and on center at the body joint. First up was bending the cutaway section -- the side curves and twists which makes for some stressful and awkward bends but thankfully everything worked out just fine...

With the cutaway successfully bent (and then laminated) the straightforward process for the regular sides was a welcome relief!

In addition to the sides, this guitar will also have a laminated back. In the pic below there is a 15' radius board, layer of yellow cedar, the honduran rosewood back, and breather mesh all inside of a vacuum bag. The breather mesh helps insure that the vacuum does not seal around the nozzle and helps evenly distribute the pressure over the entire lamination...

The various bits destined to become the rim...

A closer look at the heel block and how it transitions from the tapered heel to being perpendicular to the top/back. Matching the heel block to my cutaway form requires chalk, sanding, and lots (and lots) of patience!

Gluing up the cutaway section with an onslaught of clamps...

I should have the rim fully joined by tomorrow and then it's time to brace the back before a diving into the unique detail and design work for this build. More pics soon!
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