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Default If you're considering Flat Wounds

If you're considering an acoustic sounding Bronze flat wound,
Dogal Nightclub are really great strings, I love 'em,
but they are pricey.
I've used Dogal Nightclub V25 (.011, .014, .016w, .022, .030, .042)
on my Emerald X20, best strings I've had on it so far.
Dogal Nightclub series come in two heavier flat wound Bronze strings sets (V24 & V77)
(the V24 set has a wound B string)
and one Chrome Flat wound string set (R39).

A less pricey acoustic flat wound (presently have on my X20)
are Galli AJF1047 (.010, .014, .023, .030, .039, .047) 80/20 Bronze, I like them okay and will continue to use them, but the G strings flat wound windings are not quite as smooth as the other flat wound strings in the set.
It's the same with the G strings in the two heavier sets, AJF1150 and AJF1252.

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