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I have D'Addario EXP11 .012 - 0.53 on the Kestrel at the moment. My criticisms are that I sometimes get a squeak moving around on the fret board with the wound strings and that the two unwound strings feel a bit thin when playing up the neck.

The guitar has got quite a midrange directional punch for chord shapes with a pick and is perfect for keeping it together for any loud enough melody instrument to play over in an entirely acoustic setting.

On the other end it has a beautiful sweet voice when lightly picking or using fingers, but I have to mic it to be heard above the rest of the group with the current strings.

I would like to bring out those acoustic velvety tones so they are heard better in a group setting while also still holding on to the punchy chord picking when needed.

I don't want to go lighter than 12s on the E and will consider the MM13 and have been looking at flat wound or flat tops strings too.

PS If you don't want to invest in yourself, why should anyone else even bother to try?
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