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Originally Posted by Steve DeRosa View Post
Sounds like whoever had it before you had taken the pickguard on and off a couple times and/or tried to press the pickguard down into a lower position, stripping the screwhole in question; solutions I've seen/used include:
  • filling the hole with wood putty, retapping, and reusing the original screw
  • filling the hole with a small piece of heavy-duty paper towel and reinserting the original screw (a surprisingly quick, effective, invisible, and permanent fix if done right - I've remounted strap buttons this way with no issues)
  • using a slightly larger screw (you don't want to split the wood in the process, especially if it's the side mounting you're talking about)
So, after christmas, I finally found some time to follow your advice. i filled the hole with wood putty. Worked really well.

Thanks for the advice!
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