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Used Gibson - well above the OP's target price
Loar - Thought these had a slight V neck? OP wants a flat C neck.

If you don't mind a 1.75" neck, used Eastman archtops are probably the best thing you can get around $1K. Not really a flat C but may feel more that way because of the nut width. You can get hand carved solid woods and they are beautiful instruments. These are good acoustic archtops as well as electric though maybe too bright sounding for some.

If you want to experiment for cheap, D'Angelico's have a great neck though it's a 'C' profile.. A new premier XL1 can be had for $400 on Musicians Friend SDOTD at times. You may have to touch up the frets and adjust a few things but if you believe the reviews they work fine. Especially if you plan to plug in anyway. You can check the overall feel and workmanship of Premier D'Angelico's at a Guitar Center. I have an Excel SS and it's actually a pretty good guitar though a step up from the Premier line in materials and price.
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