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IME a full-size 16" - or even a 17" - archtop handles very differently than its flattop equivalent as the body depth is significantly (as much as 2") less, so don't rule out a traditional hollow-body jazzbox until you've tried a few. That said, here's a couple bargains in the under-$1K bracket:

Several of us around here own the CW II and, given your background and requirements, it sounds like a good match as the weight/handling characteristics are virtually identical to the well-respected Seagull MJ models (TMK Tony Bennett's guitarist is still using one on tour - and I tend to believe that both he and his boss know a little something about tone); similarly, the Korean-made Guilds are also built to a high standard of tone/QC - this one's a steal at $799 - and if you put a set of flatwound strings on that X-175 and plug into a nice low-/mid-powered tube combo, it's an instant time warp back to Vegas '59 and the "Rat Pack" New Year's Eve show at the Flamingo...
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